Buying and Selling Plastic Pallets
Takin Plast Pasargad Company

Tosse-eh Polymer Pasargad Company with the knowledge and notification about the importance and usage of plastics in the industry has established and already is considered as one of the best suppliers of plastic pallets and plastic raw materials in Iran.

The quality of products is based on global standards.This factor also added with variety of products and commitment to introduce the company as a well known and persistent company in plastic pallet and polymer first material preparations.

This company exports many of these plastic pallets to countries such as Iraq, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan up to now.

The horizon of TPP is helping to growth and develops of country's polymer industry.

This company hopes to have strong and competitive presence in international markets (including Eastern European countries markets).

A brief description of the capabilities of this service will be provided:

  • Sale of polymer materials (import and export)
  • Sale of plastic pallets and other plastic products
  • Providing engineering consulting in usage of our products and services
  • Assistance in the import and export of all allowed goods